Pregnancy and childbirth are an amazing experience.  It is a time when you want to surround yourself with a calm, reliable team of professionals.


Dr Byrnes understands how important your pregnancy is and aims to optimise your pregnancy and birthing experience.  Our team is dedicated to support, encourage and guide you on this important journey.


Please contact our friendly staff as soon as possible when your pregnancy has been confirmed to secure an appointment at the appropriate time in your pregnancy.

A visit to your doctor’s office may be a bit overwhelming, especially when there is a lot of information to exchange.

You may want to bring an objective family member or friend to your appointment. They can help you recall the answers to your questions.


Your first appointment with Dr Byrnes will be at around eight to ten weeks into your pregnancy (unless advised otherwise).

During your consultation, your medical history will be collected and a plan of management prepared for the delivery of your baby. Dr Byrnes will also perform an ultrasound at this visit. For many, this will be the first time they have seen their growing baby, a very exciting time indeed. We also provide you with an antenatal folder which contains important information relating to your pregnancy, along with referrals for further testing (eg. Pathology) and a detailed printout of the fees charged by our practice. You will also be issued with your Maternity Booking form for Joondalup Private Hospital.

Whilst this time is a chance for us to become familiar with you, more importantly we want this to be an opportunity for you to get to know us, our practice and our beliefs and philosophies regarding the care we provide to our patients. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service delivered in a warm and friendly manner. We want you and your family to feel confident and comfortable so we invite your questions and feedback.




We are happy to allow a normal, low risk labour to proceed naturally, but we believe you have chosen us for your pregnancy care and to help delivery your baby as safely as possible, using the best appropriate methods.


It is not necessary to write a formal "Birth Plan", as in practice most people include the same ideals and requests. We encourage you to record any questions when they come to mind so they can be answered at your antenatal visits.


By the time you are in labour you will have an understanding of the physical and emotional stages of childbirth, and are aware of the methods available to help you deal with the sensations experienced. We encourage you to be flexible when approaching labour and delivery as some times women plan for a particular method of pain relief or type of delivery, and feel disappointed if their expectations cannot be met.


It is now expected that labouring women will have close family and or friends to support them during labour, and it has become the norm for fathers/partners to be present for delivery. Some women feel they need to have a relative stranger to fulfil this role and enter in a commercial arrangement with a “doula” who plans to support and advocate on their behalf.  We feel this will be unnecessary, as we hope we would have built up a rapport between yourself and our team during your antenatal preparation. If you still feel the need to have a doula or outside midwife with you in labour please let us know, and understand this person is solely there for emotional support and not clinical advice.

  • Referral from General Practitioner

  • Appointment made with Dr Byrnes

  • Copies of test results (blood tests, ultrasounds etc) obtained from GP to bring to first consultation.

  • Your completed new 'Patient Form' & 'Patient Consent Form'

  • List of allergies (if applicable)

  • LMP (Date of last menstrual period)

  • LPS (Date of last pap smear)

  • List of medications

  • Health fund check (Please check with your private health fund to ensure you are fully covered for obstetric services in a private hospital.)

  • Self-funded and overseas insured patients are welcome